FPGAのLED制御プログラムを深く理解する(ソースコード)(1/4 ページ)

連載「MAX 10 FPGAで学ぶFPGA開発入門」の第4回、「FPGAのLED制御プログラムを深く理解する」のソースコード(List1〜4)です。

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module top(
	// Switch Inputs
	input SWITCH1,
	input SWITCH2,
	input SWITCH3,
	input SWITCH4,
	input SWITCH5,
	//LED Outputs
	output LED1,
	output LED2,
	output LED3,
	output LED4,
	output LED5,
	//Clock from oscillator
	input Clock,
	//Analog input in Arduino connector
	input Arduino_A0,
	input Arduino_A1,
	input Arduino_A2,
	input Arduino_A3,
	input Arduino_A4,
	input Arduino_A5,
	input Arduino_A6,
	input Arduino_A7,
	//Arduino I/Os
	inout Arduino_IO0,
	inout Arduino_IO1,
	inout Arduino_IO2,
	inout Arduino_IO3,
	inout Arduino_IO4,
	inout Arduino_IO5,
	inout Arduino_IO6,
	inout Arduino_IO7,
	inout Arduino_IO8,
	inout Arduino_IO9,
	inout Arduino_IO10,
	inout Arduino_IO11,
	inout Arduino_IO12,
	inout Arduino_IO13,
	//Reset Pin
	input RESET_N,
	//JTAG enable
	input JTAGEN,
	//There are 40 GPIOs. In this example pins are not used as LVDS pins. 
	//NOTE: Refer README.txt on how to use these GPIOs with LVDS option. 
	inout DIFFIO_L20N_CLK1N,
	inout DIFFIO_L20P_CLK1P,
	inout DIFFIO_B1N,
	inout DIFFIO_B1P,
	inout DIFFIO_B3N,
	inout DIFFIO_B3P,
	inout DIFFIO_B5N,
	inout DIFFIO_B5P,
	inout DIFFIO_B7N,
	inout DIFFIO_B7P,
	inout DIFFIO_B9N,
	inout DIFFIO_B9P,
	inout DIFFIO_B12N,
	inout DIFFIO_B12P,
	inout DIFFIO_B14N,
	inout DIFFIO_B14P,
	inout DIFFIO_B16N,
	inout DIFFIO_B16P,
	inout DIFFIO_R14P_CLK2P,
	inout DIFFIO_R14N_CLK2N,
	inout DIFFIO_R16P_CLK3P,
	inout DIFFIO_R16N_CLK3N,
	inout DIFFIO_R18P,
	inout DIFFIO_R18N,
	inout DIFFIO_R26P_DPCLK3,
	inout DIFFIO_R26N_DPCLK2,
	inout DIFFIO_R27P,
	inout DIFFIO_R28P,
	inout DIFFIO_R27N,
	inout DIFFIO_R28N,
	inout DIFFIO_R33P,
	inout DIFFIO_R33N,
	inout DIFFIO_T1P,
	inout DIFFIO_T1N,
	inout DIFFIO_T4N,
	inout DIFFIO_T6P,
	inout DIFFIO_T10P,
	inout DIFFIO_T10N
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